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Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:38 pm
by TRKx2
I suggest that on next update TRK should have the ability to choose the upload speed instead of un upload boost that depends on my actual upload speed you know i only have 5-8 kb/s speed - poor me :( - so no matter what increase i put on TRK i'll never go up beyond 20 kb/s max and thus never have true upolad boost not even in my dreams !!

I set the upload boost to 400% and the upload fake speed range from 70-80 kb/s but TRK only reports 10-15 kb/s increase and few migabytes incrwse from actual upoladed size like if i done 10 mb by 400% i should have 50 mb increase reported instead i get only 12-13 mb which is far below what i want ! Whats worse the program sometimes stop functioning and report zero upload speed and size on every tracker update OoO ! This is a serious bug need fixing immediately !!

Please tell me is this a bug in TRK or is it really true if my speeds sucks then TRK sucks even more and never boost at all ? Please i wanna fix since its been a week am using this program with no improvements at all in upload boosting am tired of this

Re: Suggestion

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:22 am
by administrator
If your upload speed is so low because of ISP speed or firewall (nobody can connect to your pc), then you should check "Add x-y% of downloaded to uploaded". TRK will count your download as upload. Lets say you've set 77-78%, then when you download 1mb, the torrent tracker will add 780-790kb to your upload stats. Don't use wide ranges (more than 5%) please to avoid speed jumps.