TRK Basic distribution increases by 25% rather than 75%

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TRK Basic distribution increases by 25% rather than 75%

Post by Lumi » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:43 pm

Acquired recently Torrent Ratio Keeper basic version - complaints to work like no, but I noticed that it increases traffic surrendered only 25%, not 75, as stated by the developers. Here's a screenshot:
In other words, in the first case to distributed was added here 29.37 * 0.75 = 22.0275 GB, and I have added only 11.14.
The screenshot TRK Basic ... 256817.jpg
clearly shows that the statistics given away traffic increased by 75%:
2.46 / 3.08 = 0.79
Why do I have a lot less?
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Re: TRK Basic distribution increases by 25% rather than 75%

Post by administrator » Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:07 pm


TRK Basic and Leecher versions have auto "Smart Traffic Multiplier" feature on.
I set Increase Uploaded Traffic value to 500% and it shows only 320%. Why?
Our program tries to use your settings. To avoid suspicious activity on torrent trackers, it chooses the best suitable values, based on your settings. You can turn on "Disable the Smart Traffic Multiplier" on Expert Settings (Advanced tab) for the trackers, if you want to get exact multiplied values.
Please, download the Monster version and check Disable the Smart Traffic Multiplier feature.
— Disable the Smart Traffic Multiplier.

Torrent Ratio Keeper will use your selected Upload increase and Download decrease values without randomization. The program uses random values to increase upload or decrease download by default. This hides Torrent Ratio Keeper from the tracker. If you understand how the tracker works, you can turn this feature on, and the program will change traffic without randomization.
Feel free to ask any questions.

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